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At Thomas James Outdoors, we create the outdoor kitchen truly bespoke to you. Combining our skilled craftsmen with high quality materials and tailored designs means you never have to compromise quality of the highest cailbre.

From the beginning, our clients receive a personal level of customer service. During the initial consultation, where you bring us a raw concept, our in-house design team works with you every step of the way to maximise the aspirations for your space. Through careful planning, expert knowledge and passion as though it were our own, we offer innovative and fresh ideas to ensure the function and style of your outdoor kitchen is entirely bespoke to you.

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Within our team, each person has been hand-selected based on their experience, knowledge and skill set. Each member brings something of value to Thomas James Outdoors, meaning we have the ability to create your beautiful, unique outdoor entertaining space.

We consider each and every detail of your outdoor kitchen, discussing at length with you what exactly you expect to achieve. Whether you're looking for a luxurious and extraordinary space to entertain guests, or a more relaxed, family-friendly feel, we can source additional elements such as pizza ovens, and marine-grade cabinet handles, designed to unify the atmosphere and design. By proudly partnering with reliable, world-class brands such as Armac Martin and Quooker, amongst others, we ensure a seamless, cohesive finish. world-class brands.

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