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The Evolution of Kitchens into the Great Outdoors

As trends come and go as fleetingly as the seasons, it seems people are constantly racing to keep up with modern fashions; at work, in clothing styles, technology and the home. Kitchens seem to be the main focal point of home evolution, as they're where the most money can be made upon selling, thus furthering the desire to be ultra-modern.

With outdoor kitchens being our speciality, and the latest household trend, we're taking a look back at how we arrived at this somewhat archaic, yet incredibly popular dining style.

Naturally, the very first examples of alfresco dining was the beginning of evolution when we were nothing more than cave-men, catching our own meals and using the very first man-made fires to unceremoniously barbecue our meals. Thankfully, as we evolved, so did our cooking processes.

With the revolution of modern appliances, cooking and dining became a formal affair amongst the wealthy, often with the kitchens relegated to the basement out of the way of the well-to-do. Long, galley kitchens were starved of natural light and space, but simply met the needs of the cooks. Centuries later, as homes were bought, remodelled and sold on, kitchens were subsequently relocated back to the ground floor, welcoming as much light as possible, and providing much-needed practicality and style.

Then came the inclusion of the great outdoors; kitchen/ diners led the way to larger spaces, with bi-fold doors and orangeries encouraging homeowners to embrace their outdoor space and provide a natural entertaining area. Alfresco dining has long been a staple element in Mediterranean countries and other cultures with more forgiving climes, which has now inspired the British public to covet this fresh and exciting new concept.

The final step in this evolutionary trail leads us to outdoor kitchens. A completely separate space to the house entier, cooking and dining outside is a luxurious and ultra-modern way to entertain guests or enjoy an intimate meal. Reminiscent of balmy Sorrento evenings and fresh dishes cooked before your eyes on open flames, outdoor kitchens speak of relaxation, opulence and unparalleled style.

At Thomas James Outdoors, we source the highest-quality appliances to enhance your dining experience. From high-end grills and traditional pizza ovens, to cocktail stations and wine fridges for that little extra wow-factor, we ensure all of your expectations are met, and surpassed, for your new entertaining space.

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