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The owners of this outdoor kitchen wanted to make use of their ample outdoor space, in order to create a beautiful, family-oriented entertaining space. Coming to us with few requirements and their initial ideas, our in-house design team helped them create the plan for their bespoke outdoor kitchen of unparalleled quality.

The clients opted for a partially encased design, with the kitchen nestled underneath a solid oak timber structure to protect from the elements. The timber used is carefully sourced from FSC certified forests and treated to maintain the structural reliability, meaning zero maintenance for many years to come.


Other features of this bespoke outdoor kitchen include a range of outdoor appliances. Our appliances are made from marine-grade stainless steel, purpose-built for outdoor use, ensuring they won't rust, mottle or depreciate in terms of looks and performance over time.

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The traditional shaker style cabinetry is crafted from acetylated timber, stained to showcase the intricate grooves, whorls and grain of the natural material. Each piece was skillfully hand-made by our talented carpentry team, using traditional wood-working methods. The kitchen features a variety of cabinets in which to store all of their essential cooking and dining accessories.

The stunning white polished quartz stone compliment the dark stain of the cabinets, reflecting sunlight and adding a touch of elegance, bringing the entire space together seamlessly.

Budget - £27,000

Including cabinetry, fitting and worktops.


Prices subject to VAT at 20%. All prices displayed are relevant to

Thomas James Bespoke’s current pricing structure.


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