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Choosing a Style for your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are a statement entirely their own. They are grand and relaxing, really needing nothing excessive to showcase the style and opulence, which it already exudes. You may know exactly which features you want to include; the double side burner that caught your eye early on, or the pizza oven upon which your children are insisting. However, an important decision to be made initially is the design style, which sets the tone for the entire space, conveying the atmosphere you wish to create for your family and guests.

When deliberating over schemes, it's important to consider three essential elements; colour, texture and tone. Bringing the three together in harmony will produce an aesthetically pleasing, cohesive design. The three must complement each other perfectly, which can be challenging to achieve, which is why here we have outlined two of our favourite outdoor kitchen styles, to help bring out your inner interior designer.

Natural Of course, your new entertaining area is surrounded by the great outdoors, which is why we love a natural style. Imagine the colours you associate with nature- greens, browns and greys spring to mind. The beauty of the acetylate wood used in our cabinetry accepts varnishes and stains just as well as more opaque coatings, meaning you can choose to showcase the beautiful grooves and whorls in a natural finish, with ease.

Pairing a rich stain with a light coloured granite work surface is a nod towards the elements themselves, allowing the materials to quietly show off their natural beauty. Pair these ideas with simple T-bar handles for a rustic yet stylish scheme. We love an informal dining bench with this scheme, with padded seating and soft furnishings in biscuit and mushroom shades to complement the simplistic Scandinavian style.

With the natural light and space plentiful in the great outdoors, you can afford to be more daring with your choices than you might in a traditional kitchen. On the opposite end of the scale to the natural look, drama and luxury do not look out of place in an outdoor kitchen. Opting for a bold colour for the cabinetry such as a deep blue or rich green is a modern kitchen trend sure to make a statement. Choosing polished white quartz for the work surfaces contrasts with the dark cabinetry, and the addition of gold or silver feathering further enhance the luxurious feel of the kitchen. For dining, a formal high table with seating in a statement material such as velvet, demonstrates a style reminiscent of a private dining space in a luxury, high-end hotel.

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