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Things to consider when designing your dream outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchens of today are not merely a barbecue and rickety table on which to precariously perch plates of sausages and salad. Gone are the days of struggling to light a table-top grill, searching in vain to find space for extended family and friends to sit, or running for cover when the inevitable happens- the heavens open. With household trends continually evolving; people spending more time at home, and garden gatherings being the only government-mandated form of socialising allowed, outdoor kitchens have become increasingly popular.

Being a separate space to the house entier, but still very much a part of your home, it's important to get each element of your outdoor kitchen just right. Whether opting for an intimate dining area, or a lavish entertaining space, the style and atmosphere you wish to create should be considered just as much as the practical, functional aspects.

The layout is most likely one of the first design choices you'll make, and with open-plan living being an essential staple of a contemporary home, we love the continuation of this trend in an outdoor kitchen. Zoning allows you to define the function of each space, whether you choose to incorporate an island to include the family in the cooking, or opting for a stand-alone dining table for more formal occasions, keeping the preparation area separate.

The textures you choose for your outdoor kitchen will reflect the style you wish to achieve. As the work surfaces are such a prominent feature in any kitchen, tailoring the theme around your chosen material is a sure method to produce a sleek, unified design. Pairing contrasting materials such as elegant white quartz with darkly stained oak cabinetry will create a fresh, modern look. Linking the colour scheme through the accessories adds to the elegant theme- incorporating elements such as a Quooker tap and statement lighting in the same finish as the stainless steel cupboard handles will ensure a well thought out and cohesive design.

Thomas James Outdoors boasts an experienced and skilled team of in-house designers and planners here to help you consider every aspect of your outdoor kitchen. We aim to bring to life your dream space, from the initial consultation right through to closing the final cupboard door; we ensure your expectations are met, and surpassed.

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