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Launching as one of Britain's very first bespoke outdoor kitchen companies, Thomas James Outdoors is proud to bring to life a new dining and entertaining concept. As a Lancashire-based company, we have established a reputation for providing clients with a completely bespoke service.

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From the initial consultation, our

in-house design team explore

every possibility for your space; understanding what your expectations are, and offering insightful and experienced advice.

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Your vision is then brought to

life in our workshop, crafted with

expertise and care, using traditional

wood-working techniques and only the

finest materials.

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Our hand selected team have a

range of skills and experience, ensuring we can take on any size

or level of project.

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Phone us: 0161 3270922

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Who We Are

Thomas James Outdoors is the exciting new company born from the team at Thomas James Bespoke. Having founded a reputation for our expert craftsmanship, recognising the qualities of using traditional, time-tested wood-working techniques, we have launched into the emerging market of outdoor kitchens.

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